We’ve seen over and over how people gain confidence, develop friendships, and learn to take risks after a life-changing spotlight moment on stage. 

As a team building event, the Legend Makers provides a great opportunity for singers and non-singers alike to break interpersonal barriers, forge stronger relationships, and develop a greater affiliation with their team and company. 


There are two main variations on our program:  teams can collaborate in the weeks and months leading up to the event, or simply experience the event the day of.

For advance team-building, teams up to 10 plan to perform 1-5 songs for the rest of the company.  Teams may be intra-departmental or cross-location to encourage new relationships.  Each team chooses song(s); designs and constructs any stage decor; chooses who will sing solo, together, in harmony, or lip-synching; decides if anyone will play guitar, keys, or hand percussion; nominates an emcee; and optionally rehearses their short set with us.

Whether or not the group organizes this advance team-building, up to 10 team members at a time are welcome to join our fun, casual rehearsals in the RiNo neighborhood of Denver.

Before the event, we coordinate with your liaison (such as HR) to be sure we have the list of teams or individuals performing, as well as any specific song requests they have.

The day of the event, the Legend Makers kicks off the concert with few high-energy dance songs to get the energy in the room up while the crowd enjoys a cocktail or two.  Then we invite the crowd to cheer for each team or individual as they enter the stage to show off – whether it’s by surprising co-workers with a hidden musical talent, or lip-synching and playing air guitar in a mullet wig and feather boa! 


  • Fun & Engaging Interaction
  • Relationship Building & Networking
  • Trust Building
  • Risk Taking
  • Team Dynamics and Bonding
  • Communication
  • Mutual Support and Appreciation
  • Friendly Competition
  • Collaboration & Accomplishing Common Goal (with the “Advanced Team Building” option)
  • Creativity & Resourcefulness (with the “Advanced Team Building” option)
  • Project Management (with the “Advanced Team Building” option)


Lip-Sync Contest:  Even singers who are afraid to sing can perform with us, by lip synching!  Have a contest to award prizes (silly, charitable, or otherwise) to the best Lip Sync performer as well as the best singing performer.

Charity Component:  There are many options, but one possibility is for each team or singer to competes for $1 tips from the audience.  The winning team gets a prize and the entire tip jar is donated to a charity of choice.

Friendly Competition:  Teams or singers can compete for prizes such as Wackiest Costume, Most Over-the-Top Performance, Most Surprising Alter Ego, or Best Group Sing.

Bonding at Rehearsals:  Teams up to 10 at a time are welcome to join our rehearsals in the RiNo neighborhood of Denver.  We can bring beer, or BYOB.  Our rehearsals typically include a little bit of drinking and a whole lot of cheering.

Advanced Team Building:  Teams can form in advance to build, plan, and create their own “mini-concerts” of 1-5 songs.  Team members can brainstorm ways to decorate the stage for their set, share responsibilities such as picking songs and emceeing the set, learn to sing together as a group or in duets or in harmony, practice lip synching, let talented singers and guitarists and keyboard players have a moment in the spotlight, and learn to play tambourine or shaker.  With all these roles to fill, even team members who don’t care to sing can be a valued team member presenting a “concert” for rest of the company.



Program Length:  2-4 hours

Group Size:  20-300 (or much larger, if the primary focus is on entertainment)

Team Size:  No teams -OR- teams up to 10, depending on details

Space Requirement:  Depends on group size. From small club to a large event center

Setting:  Indoors (outdoors is seasonally possible, but not recommended)

Physicality:  Low

Accessibility:  Depends whether venue has an accessible stage 

Price Range:  Varies depending many factors including season, date, weekday/weekend, location, program duration, distance from Denver, event size, and whether the venue provides sound and lighting.  As a rough ballpark, the cost is in the $30/person range with a $2000 minimum.  Cost per person typically drops significantly with larger parties.  Contact us for a custom quote.


  • Annual or Holiday Parties
  • Company Retreats
  • Company Transitions
  • Project Motivation or Celebration
  • Mixing Departments or Locations 


  • Professional musicians and vocalists
  • Lighting and PA system
  • Pre-program communication with our business director
  • Rehearsals with the band (additional fee applies)
  • Emcee
  • Guitar rig for team members to play
  • Keyboard for team members to play
  • Hand percussion for team members to play
  • Laminated VIP or backstage passes as memorabilia (if desired)
  • Mullet wigs, funny hats, boas, and rockstar jackets

What’s Not Included:   We are not licensed team-building professionals.  If you would like a licensed team-building professional to lead the event, we recommend that you contact a team-building company and tell them you would like to hire one of their professionals for a custom event.  We would be happy to work with them to serve your needs.


Ask questions or request a quote:

Call Adrienne Osborn at 303-819-0595 or inquire@thelegendmakers.com.