We bring the BAND.
You bring the rockstars.




At your next corporate gathering, give your team a once-in-a-lifetime thrill:  

Let them lead the band.

Fronting a band is a “peak performance” experience that transforms not just the moment but improves creativity, confidence, productivity and personal development over the long term.

We’ve seen many times how finding the guts needed to own the stage energizes and empowers the rest of life.

We’ve also seen how friendships and teams grow stronger when people support and encourage each other through intimidating experiences.

Book the most memorable event of your company’s history – one where your team looks fear in the eye, cheers each other on, and learns to fly!


We bring the pro sound, the concert lighting, the professional musicians, the backup singers, the extra guitar and keyboard rigs, the laminated backstage passes… and the magic.

You bring the lead singers.

Have them look at our song list a month in advance. If they’d like to sing something not on the list, no problem!  Just let us know – we’ll learn up to 20 special requests.  And if they’d like to come rehearse with us, even better!  But it’s also fine to show up to the party and just pick songs off our large menu!

And when your team is busy buying each other shots, our professional vocalists will take over with the hottest dance tunes to keep the party going.


  • We love being the backing band for vocalists of all experience levels!
  • We have a long song list to choose from, but also accept requests in advance.  And not just one or two per show… up to twenty (fee applies).
  • We welcome clients at rehearsals.
  • We welcome client guitarists and keyboardists to join us on stage.  We’ll have an extra guitar rig and keys rig set up for them.
  • We welcome non-musicians, too – we have tambourines and shakers handy!


We combine our years of experience in top-notch corporate dance bands, vocal student showcases, live karaoke bands, and major-label touring to create a band unlike any other.

As the backing band for Performance High Vocal Training, we have been learning 20-30 new songs per show for the past three years.  So we’re used to learning even obscure songs quickly.  And our experience working in and managing corporate and wedding bands gives us the deep repertoire of rock and dance standards you expect, as well as the professional polish to live up to your high standards.

“Hiring Legend Makers to play our office holiday party last year was a huge hit. We have thrown some great company parties, but this one was by far the best. Our employees had a blast on stage and cheering each other on. The band had everybody out on the dance floor in between. Great job!”

 John Larson
 President, Resolute Recruiting


There’s a legend in each of us.

Jen, Oil & Gas Recruiter

Jonathan, Lawyer

Mark, IT Professional

Amanda, Accountant

Kelly, Mother of Two

Brent, Financial Services Consultant

Ian, IT Professional

Lori, Health Services Worker

Eric, Real Estate Broker

Dakini, Yoga Studio Owner


We love being in a band together, and we love sharing the stage with you. And it shows.



Business Director and Vocalist

Adrienne is the owner and lead instructor of Performance High Vocal Training and Artist Development, a vocal studio with three locations and twelve vocal instructors in the Denver metro area. She was co-founder and business director of wedding band The Fever and keyboard player for Guitar Villains Live Band Karaoke, and has been a member of many Colorado bands as lead vocalist, bassist, or keyboardist, including, currently, Stevie Nicks in the Petty Nicks Experience.  Her own band, Adrienne O, has performed at venues such as Coors Field and the Bluebird Theatre. In previous lives she has been a world-ranked waterskier, a software developer, and an IT project manager.  She holds a B.S. in Science, Technology, and Society from Stanford University but switched from software development into music after a decade in the corporate world.

Justin Leighton Long

Justin Leighton Long


Justin Leighton Long was a founding member, lead guitarist and songwriter for the band No Address. No Address released Time Doesn’t Notice on Atlantic Records, with their debut single “Sadie (When I’m Gone)” standing at #11 on the Billboard Radio charts for 22 weeks. Justin has owned and worked at recording studios in Florida and California, worked with bands signed to many major and indie labels, and toured North America extensively with No Address. Justin is currently the artist development coach and musical director at Performance High, teaching music theory and stage performance classes, running client showcase rehearsals, and managing Performance High artists.
Jacob Larson

Jacob Larson

Vocalist and Emcee

Jacob Larson is a funk/R&B vocalist trained for the last nine years at Performance High, currently pursuing a degree in Music Performance and Music Business at CU-Denver. He performs with the Diamond Empire corporate dance band, Adrienne O, the Performance High backing band, his own millennial funk party band called the Jacob Larson Band, and others. He regularly shares the stage with Colorado musical luminaries such as Hazel Miller, Erica Brown, and Chris Daniels.

Ryan Elwood

Ryan Elwood


Ryan is a drummer, producer, and composer based in Denver, Colorado. During his career he has played at venues such as Red Rocks Amphitheater and the Gothic Theater, as well as at festivals including the Underground Music Showcase and Bohemian Nights at NewWestFest. Ryan has been a working musician since age fifteen, playing styles as varied as pop, rock, country, folk, blues, jazz, R&B, and theater. He spent several years refining his improvisational skills with jazz artists George Keith and Eric Dorn before joining indie-rock group FaceMan. Since then, Ryan has become an in-demand sideman, performing and recording with artists and bands including Buckstein, Adrienne O, the Performance High backing band, Doug Haywood, Natalie Walker, Craig Haller, and Automatic Iris.

Kenny Martinez

Kenny Martinez


Born and raised in Colorado, Kenny attended the Colorado Springs Conservatory, where he studied with Air Force bassists JR Erb and Jason Crowe, and then studied Jazz and Commercial Music at the University of Denver, taking lessons with Ken Walker. Kenny has been gigging professionally since 2008, performing jazz, dance band/wedding rep, musical theatre, blues, traditional Irish, and folk music with groups including including Beryl Beloved, The Tickle Mafia, the Jenny Shawhan Band, Avourneen, The Ghetto Fancy, Disc Horse, and Moment’s Notice Entertainment. Kenny also has a solo bass project, where he uses a looping pedal and a variety of effects to create original music and unique renditions of popular music spanning a wide range of genres.

Bryan Stacks

Bryan Stacks


Versatile and very active in the music scene, Bryan focuses on instruments with 88 keys and 6 or 4 strings. He plays keys, bass, or guitar – and sings backup – in various bands including Echoes in Reverie, Hold Me Hostage, My Own Summer, Adrienne O, the Performance High backing band, and the Petty Nicks Experience.


We value our relationships with talent agencies.  If you are working with one, please contact them. 

Otherwise, contact us directly at:

inquire@thelegendmakers.com  |  Business Director: Adrienne Osborn